Haiku – Feather

Prompt 22, Hour 22

You are almost there. I’m sorry, this is the hardest part, but I think it’s time for another image prompt. Please choose one of the following images and write a poem inspired by it. All but the second image are from Unsplash (the second one I took), all are free to use however you wish. 


Haiku – Feather


Does a bird in flight
notice when a feather falls,
to rest upon moss.

Poem 22 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans

Credit for the image of the feather on moss goes to Caitlin Jans.

www.dscoremans.com – Forever Distracted by Life

2 thoughts on “Haiku – Feather

  1. What a delicate haiku – as soft as the feather and the falling of the feather too. This sense of dislocation – the loss of the feather – gives a really unusual perspective to the act of the bird losing a feather, for we usually think of the feather and not the bird.

  2. What an interesting image and idea. This poem caused me to think of something I’ve never thought before – about the bird that loses the feather. Thank you for speaking a fresh perspective.

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