Hey Writers, 😊


My name is Darren, and I’m a Scottish writer and poet. I’m still pretty new to the field, but I’m working on a few exciting projects with the hopes that they will lead to publication. This is my first year taking part in this event.

I’ve chosen to jump into the deep end so to speak and take part in the 24hour challenge and I’m very excited to not only take part, but to try my hand at some new styles of poetry along the way.

Can’t wait to read other people’s work as well as having the opportunity to share my own.

Good luck everyone and Happy Writing. 😊 DSC

3 thoughts on “Hey Writers, 😊

  1. D.S. Coreman,

    I have read all of your entries and find it incredible that you are just getting started! Your page is like Poetry 101, and the genres are so well represented. My choices are
    1. Rhyming Couplets: The Clock
    2. Sonnet: A Walk Through Hell
    3. Restless Nights
    4. Free Verse: Moonbeams

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