Hour 15: Sonnet – When

Sonnet – When


When you asked me for help, but I said no.

When you wanted to go, but chose to stay.

When I cried so hard my eyes would seem grey.

When I wanted, but didn’t believe it so.


When my heart was full but only of woe.

When I chose to work where you would have played.

When you blindly accused that I had strayed.

When you told me that it was time to go.


When I borrowed time, you charged interest.

When you shout words, that could have been spoken.

When you showed off, you were not impressed.

When tired and I could not be woken.


When even I did not know what was true,

these are the things I would say yes to.



Poem 15 of 24, written for the 24hr ‘Poetry Marathon’ 2021 by DS Coremans


Forever Distracted by Life


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