Hour 9: Sonnet – Good Advice

Sonnet – Good Advice


Live each day as though life has just begun,”

worry not about telling the story,

nor how you will seek your lasting glory

for life is not for sorrow but for fun.


This is your race, so find a way to run;

do not spend your life in purgatory.

The nature of life is transitory,

your face left warmer when met by the sun.


No need to hide behind life’s illusion,

open your heart and mind toward the truth.

Let past nor future offer intrusion,

live as fast and free as you did in youth.


Live for each new moment and seize the day;

don’t just wait around to be shown the way.



Poem 9 of 24, written for the 24hr ‘Poetry Marathon’ 2021 by DS Coremans


Forever Distracted by Life


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