Sestina – Imaginary

Prompt 23, Hour 23

Home stretch now!

Write a poem about an imaginary pet or person. The poem can be from your perspective, the perspective of a neutral third party, or from the perspective of the imaginary pet or person themselves.


Sestina – Imaginary


1 I have often felt I am imaginary,
That I am not a real person.
I am little more than someone’s pet;
but perhaps this is a flawed perspective.
Can a person change, how they see themselves
or within their own life do they stay neutral?

2 It doesn’t seem possible to stay neutral;
My feelings are not imaginary,
they are personal only to one person
but are easily dismissed, like a pet
making me lose my perspective
when people say words to hurt themselves.

3 But rarely will one hurt themselves
choosing instead, to find themselves neutral.
This strange belief is imaginary
like a fallacy dressed as a person.
I have no love for a gifted pet
lost; by any other perspective.

4 I climb higher, seeking a new perspective;
Most will never do this for themselves.
Choosing ignorance, in belief it is neutral;
but inaction is intrinsically imaginary.
An unengaged, unpredictable person
who seeks not a partner but a pet.

5 A companion; not an equal, but a pet
is a prisoner by another perspective.
The kept one may not see it themselves;
believing themselves to be neutral.
Any problems they see are imaginary
if they happen to another person.

6 Who does that make you; what type of person?
Are you a wild lion; or a house cat pet?
Perhaps if you pursue a new perspective
then the masses can answer for themselves.
When I have tried and failed to stay neutral;
My own ignorance becomes imaginary.

7 I no longer want to be an imaginary person;
Nor a kept pet with no outside perspective.
Defy those who defy themselves to stay neutral.

Poem 23 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

2 thoughts on “Sestina – Imaginary

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It is a little long and I found the numbers distracting but the internal dialogue and movement of this free verse pulled me in! ” … I climb higher, seeking a new perspective;…” This line really resonates with me. Excellent images and metaphors…”A companion; not an equal, but a pet
    is a prisoner by another perspective.” This line really rolls around the mouth well. Love it!

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