Sonnet – H. Reese Scott

Hour 1, Prompt 1

Write a poem about a famous woman or an influential woman you know personally.


Our friendship began with a tight embrace;
on arrival her arms enveloped me.
She held on so tight I could not break free;
yet her hold was as gentle as her grace.

Now within my life, I cannot replace
nor ever will I choose to disagree
with her wisdom which comes from celery
or the light which shines brightly from her face

I know her now; as well as she knows me;
the distance between us irrelevant.
Our time spent together will bring us glee,
sharing our stories without arrogance.

We are separated by more than space;
but the love we share will never displace.


Poem 1 of 24, written for the 24hr ‘Poetry Marathon’ 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

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