Sonnet – Neverland

Prompt 11, Hour 11

Write a poem about or set in a place you have never been to. It could be a real concrete location, or something more metaphorical, imaginary or fictional – somewhere over the rainbow comes to mind.


Sonnet – Neverland

Write about a place I have never been
at first this felt light-hearted and easy.
The page is still blank and I feel queasy
This task is harder than it would first seem.

Is this reality or just a dream?
Another cliche you’re tired and cheesy.
A Piritin down at least not sneezy.
Perhaps this is where I have never been.

This poem feels like a sonnet of snash
and I know I avoided the challenge
Yet this poem takes me further forward

At the very least it’s good for a laugh
but I do feel helped me feel balanced;
As I have not been to the end reward.

Poem 11 of 24, written for the 24hr Poetry Marathon 2020 by DS Coremans – Forever Distracted by Life

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