A Challenge

These past few weeks have had me thinking I hadn’t done anything right.

Friends, partners and associates, alike had me questioning if the path I was on, was the right flight.

I, who had love for everyone, couldn’t understand-

This abandonment that came from no where, yet seemed orchestrated and planned.

Great care was taken as every detail of my demise was checked off and executed with great precision.

A lesser man would have succumb to your withdrawl-

Started feening for your affections

Like a slave in chains begs to be free and an addict clamors for the next fix…

But wisdom is more powerful than all that.

And He used this very thing to grab my attention-

Where once it was had, he failed not to mention

All the places I was going and the success I am destined to be.

He reminded me that those I had once held in high esteem had to leave

For this next level, had no room for the haters who used to keep me company.

I am a shining star, getting ready to shoot out of this galaxy

So to those that thought me a flower, who would whither and die

Here is a chair. Pull one up.

Have several seats.

And enjoy the feast

Prepared especially for you.

You’re in for a special treat

So get ready to see how your hate and disdain has become the fuel that makes me great.

And remember this Queen doesn’t cower to whispered conferences held behind backs or chambers I’ve not been invited in.

I guess only one of us knows what it is to be called this and lives by it’s TRUE definition.

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