Not Going for A Walk

I’m comfortable.

In my bed.

Gah. I’ve seen this Mickey Mouse cartoon so many times- I know each line word for word.

The three year old is jumping… ON MY BED… and I’ve given him the look 75 billion and a half times.

He is a chatterbox, not just today, but every morning. He even talks in his sleep-

When he isn’t snoring-

What happened to the cute little breaths he took as a baby? These are near grown man sounds that escape his sleeping lips.

And when he realizes I haven’t responded to his words with whatever he has deemed appropriate or with nothing at all, he quietly reminds himself that I am working.

And it is a blissful 2.5 seconds of quiet.

Ah, but it is a continuous circle that cannot be broken or interrupted or muted or paused.

Maybe a walk is what I need after all.

Fresh air would be great, a stimulating conversation with nature is sure to stimulate brain cells that beg to take one or two more winks.

Guess, I will put on clothes and go for a walk…

The three year old has spies everywhere and I will not escape this time unseen.

I don’t really like clothes, anyway.

Besides, I’m quite comfortable.

In my bed.

But you enjoy the scenery.

And if you hear an incessant banging from a window as you pass by-

Don’t worry, it is just the three year old wishing you a happy, sunshiny day.

Wave, smile and just keep walking.

Otherwise, you’ll be entrapped in a conversation with a three year old and absolutely no way out.

Then I will be forced to leave my cocoon of comfort and warmth-

You’ll see my t shirt, rumpled and wrinkled and if the angle is right, you might even see some thigh connected to a panty that is anything but sexy.

But, I digress. And that isn’t how we make any progress.

Yes, a walk would indeed be best.

Gets the blood flowing, you know?


I am comfortable.

In my bed.

3 thoughts on “Not Going for A Walk

  1. This was wonderful, I have been trapped in that conversation before. I am all the more impressed that you are near a three year old and can focus, let alone type in coherant sentences. Great work, can’t wait to read more as we go along. =)

    1. Thank you! My 14 year old was supposed to be on entertainment of the three year old duty, but she has quietly disappeared to do “teenager things”, so me being the good mom, I am making it work, lol. But, if you have any duct tape handy, I might need to borrow it, lol!

  2. I really like this conversation with yourself about your son – you captured that need for them to have your attention at all times, even when it is not convenient. I remember the exhaustion on wanting to get away, but couldn’t. AND when the soft sleeping sounds “grew up” WHEW!

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