Push Through

Why did I do I do this?

Was it because I thought I could deliver some creative justice

To a world that is hurting, its black and blue bruises starting to show through?

What made me think my voice could change anything?

What words could I string together- that would unite us in love?

I am tired.

I don’t want to go on.

This banner no longer something I want to carry.

I’m fairly certain this gibberish makes no sense.

I’ve got a show to do, so I’m off to get ready.

Folks, these hours are about to get heavy.

But I am a Johnson

And quitters we were not raised to be.

I do not give myself license to give up.

There is no permission granted to walk away.

On this course, I must stay.

Oh, but I’m tired and I long for the day

When I can put this marathon behind me

And just be

Me on my marry way.


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