And the Bed Snapped Itself Closed

The bed sandwiched the child
sleeping in the servant’s quarters.

She wiggled left and right,
reaching for the mattress’ edge

any edge she could reach
before she lost her tiny strength.

She had hoped to slide out.
She had hoped to pull herself free.

Sweat dripped from head to toe.
Tears built a storm inside her head.

Would calling even help?
Did anyone know if she could speak?

Exhausted, she called out,
not a word uttered, just a shout.

Her mother ran in.
She screamed at the sandwiched bed,
tore it head from foot.

Her mother held her close,
rocked her with frightened tears.

She looked up to her mom.
Hungry bed ate me up.

She looked up with a smile.
Funny hungry bed.

4 thoughts on “And the Bed Snapped Itself Closed

  1. I love the range of emotions in this, I got kind of a cartoon image of an evil bed trying to eat the little girl. My favorite line is “tears built a storm inside her head.” I love the way it’s worded, I love the imagery, all of it. My only notes are word choice in a couple places, like the repeating “edge” in the first few lines. I also wonder if something other than “sandwiched” would paint a clearer picture in line 1. This is a really fun, unique poem. 🙂

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