Dear Grim Reaper

You have been by my side
loyally throughout the years
At conception, there came
the ultimate question:
save me from what would be
or let me go gracefully.
Torn between wrong and wrong
I came and nearly killed
the only one who loved me.
I grew and I saw
I could speak with your friends.
I could converse easily
with those meeting their ends
even though words rarely fell
from my tongue or my lips.
The first I remember,
his name comes and goes,
but I see his apple trees
and hear his clarinet.
And then through the speakers
I spoke with Dr Church,
who was the first man I
ever kissed on the cheek
while I sat on his lap
comforted by his soul.
He gave me hope to live on.
He had died the night before.
My friend from school so young
never came back after summer.
You then took my dog
and then my other.
Eventually you even came
and took my brother.
Friends so hard for me to make
I lost so many to
suicides, depression,
car accidents, heart
attacks, and several strokes.
I knew one day you’d have to
take my father, mother.
And in between each of
these days and each of
these years you entered
my head and tried
to convince me to trade
my life to save theirs.
The cutting, the hurting,
the pain I’ve gone through,
all in attempts to stop
me from joining you.
I know how you play.
Now you use your power
against me with my daughter
and threaten to take her
using her own two hands.
You’ve made my life hell.
Why do that to her as well?


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