Kitty’s Night Duty

She’s doing it again,
sitting hour after hour
at her desk staring at the screen
pouring strange liquids
in green glass after green glass
eating crunchie foods I haven’t
smelled in months when she’d cry
over working what lay in front
of her eyes every single day.
But this time she seems to
enjoy what she is doing.
I knocked on her door.
She didn’t hear me at first.
I tried again and again
and she let me in.
I whispered “What are you doing?”
She stroked my back once,
twice, and spoke softly words
I’ve heard before but this time
no tears could be found in her voice.
I rubbed up on her leg
and lay down for a bit.
Duty called. I heard sister stirring
and the sun was not up.
I tiptoed out of the room
and climbed the stairs
and the other stairs
to sleep with my restless
human sister.

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