My 2020 Epidemic

What the nuggy!!

Booming man
Thundering jokes
Endless tales of elk horns
and hidden islands.

Her quiet husband,
His IPA,
“gimme another bitch beer.”

Too sweet for me,
but funny.

Three admirable marriages
of adorable souls make
six cherished new friends.

Love is everywhere
Like rain that’s sun
or sun that’s rain
in a cloud that’s not opaque.

More than I have ever
heard in a day.

Silent, beautiful forest
Ancient, like forever.

Stalking morels that pop
like homes for gnomes.
Pounds of them!

Cody, Cory, I said it wrong!
Jumbled mouth of old age
fuzzy with beer.

A herd of deer!

Deliciousness out of
charred earth
and pine needle blankets.

Too much beer
for them (not me).
Bumpy roads.
I could have another.

Rambling creek.
Hills to climb
another day.

Wild horses!

And laughter.
Lots of laughter!

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