Oh, Dear…

Dear Unmentionable Organization

Whose unjust nature creates

Hell from a handbasket,

Look, this wasn’t my idea, you know…

The 1962 thing.

All I did was stick out my tongue

Trying to make the son of a bitch laugh.

I was a toddler, for God’s sake!

Just a loving little girl

Who thought everyone in the world

Loved her back.

I expected a hug,

And a smile.

And we got an attack.

Now, tell me that isn’t crazy.


I’m trying to figure it out.

You see, I’m all grown up now,

Nearly sixty years old,

Though that opportunistic freak

You called a leader said otherwise.

So, let’s face it, Bro…

Although, you say we’re all in this


You and I both know we’re not.

Out here, we’re adults.

We admit when we’re wrong,

And we know when we’re right.

We’re fair, and we seek justice.

You, on the other hand,

We’re not so sure that these

Mountains of molehills are all that

Forward thinking

Relative to the good of the world.

We disagree that

Embarrassment over not really being

The Greatest

Is all that big a deal in the grand

Scheme of things.

Everyone else knows we’re not,

After all; so, who is being fooled

By whom?

The answer to that is you,

And you.

Full circle.

The circle of crazy.

Waving flags at one another

To the point that all are blinded

By the cloth.

Quite a circus you’ve got going on there

In those “great” halls.

Now, if we could get some adults

In the show…

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