24 – Poetry Assistant

“Are you really gonna do that poetry all nighter again, Gramma?”

“Yes, Bud, I am. I love it!”

“Okay then. I will stay up with  you. I will be your assistant like last year.”

:”That sounds great, Cam! Thank you!”

“But Gramma, can I just play video games with my friends and then when you need anything you can just ask me for it?”

“I like it! Let’s do that.”

“Okay, and if I get hungry, will you stop and make me something to eat?”

“Honey, that is what the assistant does. So, if I get hungry, will you make me something to eat?”

“Yeah. I can do that.”

“Okay. It’ll be fun!”

“Yeah, oh and Gramma, can I have that chocolate in the freezer?”

“That is poem reward chocolate. You can have a piece when I get one. Deal?”



Twenty four hours.

Twenty four poems written.

Grateful poets rest.


Elizabeth Fellows

6/28/2020, 2am

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