A message to 12

You are older now a lot of time has passed, months years maybe even weeks and or seconds, since you last read this.

12 what a time what a year the first love, first loss, first death and suicidal thoughts, first fight, first lie, first chance to be yourself.12

Lost in the crowd impressing everyone you meet trying not to meet anyone empressions are too meak.12

Run the streets, literally all over town. I seen you. It was fun, then you wanted to be seen.12

Lost and found, you found wisdom lost; back to self you survive. Okay now lets make it simple.

You grew up fast, then they grew old, you wonder why but you know. You don’t have to work but you have to make some thing happen. If you don’t then nothing happens. You have to move. Make your own. 12.

You had money and will continue to make the coins turn dollars; investing in thoughts. Change starts with talking. 12.

You made it another day, sobriety we never thought we would lose. So easy to not drink but easier not to have fun. Drink became the only funn. “Never could play with the other kids” work, work, work, we made it our friend. Not the people not the places not even the income, our friend is in the task. Just Do It! Find what you love and let it kill you…..Don’t and say you did; make fun, happen *wink*

In last, 12, self is righteous

blind sighted to only one man

Never Lose Your Smile

Always Remember to Smile

You can always find a reason to smile

Help someone else smile

Show Yours *SMILE*





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