Like A Weed


Born under the sun of the blazing Arizona sky

So young was my mom, I never asked why.

My grandpa made jewelry of coral and turquois

I modeled them without a care, I hadn’t noticed boys!



Then to Colorado,

the place that I call home

I’ve lived there and left there

but always returned from wherever we’d roam.



On to Oklahoma for bible school they said

Sisters, work, and twisters

and a boyfriend,

Graduation in my head



It seems I’ve skipped some pieces

of my childhood so fast

The wonder years and innocence,

they just never last.



Legos and Barbie’s, and Tonka trucks, it’s true,

were some of my favorite playthings,

Books ranked high up there too

but my child, the poem is over

those toys, now belong to you!







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