From window pots to garden plots

forgo the cemetery, for if you’re wise you’ll make your choice

trees, flowers, fern and berry

We have recomposition and Capsula Mundi

because we are more civilized

We choose rebirth straight from the earth

over metals that won’t soon die

Our concrete jungles weren’t friendly, our carbon footprint we be-moan

now some of us have found a way to give back the life we have on loan

You’ve seen it in the alleys, in the broken bottle mess

You’ve seen it in the subways, and everywhere’s else, I guess

Our streets are much too crowded

Buildings codes eschew

We dreamed there was a better way,

I’ll bet that you did too!

Nature finds a way, you see the flowers poking through

the cement of the broken sidewalk,

That flower could be you!

Upon a new horizon your future will not waste

decay is not a fail-safe that complies post-haste

With a promise of release

from rust and ranker in the cold

You’ll rest with perfect peace

in gardens made of light

when you choose

our sweet respite,

a field of kindly eldritch delight !





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