Your Courage Mustered and Relish the Day

Welcome you are to my life and my home.

find some comfort in my company

find our fun and misadventure

maybe sail across the sea of ecstasy

Forsake the norms of genteel reproach and gather here on my mushrooms head

of power and persuasion and an aching in my head

do not be discouraged if this love is too profound

it’s called the little death because it’s the finest show around

around and ’round I’ll love you and chase you as we play

remember dear, when your heart grows cold, there is no other way

to shower you with pestilence and cover you in love

hold you now my hat as I slapped you with my glove

tis not in anger, nor in rage that my glove does strike

but only love with my kid glove can show my present state

a whippoorwill and dervish may go spinning through your head

but we are the enlightened ones Heavens joys are in our bed

I may not be nimble as of yore but fat I have not gotten

run from me, I’ll enjoy the flee and lose myself composure

I’ll pull you down and strip my crown, doth it to you in clover

as we alight I’m sure you’ll find my hospitality is marveled

the world over, it must ring true for I’m telling you,

unless the words are garveled

your courage mustered and relish the day

for recompense becomes me, love




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