prompt # 2: recipe for racism or awareness of diversity

  1. awareness
  2. colorful props
  3. improv
  4. conversation
  5. active listening


First lay out all props

have each participant pick up three props

use these props as conversation starters/discussions.

practice active listening

next step each small group choose one person to be the storyteller with props.

ST speaks

All listen actively

listeners respond with frozen statues or character enactment, speak one word or line on the main theme of the story heard.

ST responds with yes this enactment met with the same emotions,

or no it did not.

IF no, Listeners use feedback to try again.


Side Note:

this exercise would promote listening skills, empathy, sympathy among strangers.




One thought on “prompt # 2: recipe for racism or awareness of diversity

  1. I found this to be a great recipe re: Recipe for racism or diversity awareness. Your ingredient list was amazing e.g., pros and active listening. I was a little confused by “ST” …who or what does that stand for? I thought that this was an amazing “twist” on a standard recipe. This is a recipe that could changea world! Well done!

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