prompt #4 epistolary poem

Dear Harry,

From the old stories

from Hogy Vogy Country to the streets of Philadelphia

Philly what a city!

Liberty Bell

City Hall architecturally eye-catching

Philly cheesesteak is everywhere.

Enough about cities. Since you came here,

living on the east coast as well

is that how you adopted in the hustle business of

doing what you can to make money?

As a new mother,

As a mental health advocate

utilizing the works of aristotle

Shakespeare, and other literary knowns

to help heal without medication.

Work led me to the Upper East Side Manhattan

that had a big Hungarian presence.

Today it is felt in names of schools,

restaurants and churches.

Theatre comes knowledge of power

to create other jobs.

you got housekeeping or janitors

to electricians

to fashion and design

to therapy.

how does art not help mathematics or science?

the ancient greeks invented story telling in theatre as well as arithmetic.

Here to arts meet theatre

meet hustle to create more opportunities to make money.

Thank you.


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