prompt # 6 Ideal Day

Wake up to the morning light through curtains,

Freshen up

to the sounds of the city

cars honking, skidding to a halt, sirens heard

with the soft cries, a baby asks to eat.

The whiff of coffee is strong to nose —

enough to stay alert.

The sound of a toaster releasing bread.

Next up

a walk around a lake

to feel some coolness among the sticky, wetness of the sun beaming down

with the humidity.

Witnessing egrets, blackbirds, comorants, mallards and geese grazing, sleeping, and looking for food.

By the time night falls,

able to witness the sun setting showering its light across the island

reflecting against the river

bouncing off buildings

of red, orange, yellow colors.

cuddle up with a book and some fragrant tea.

Time to say good night

relax in an air conditioned room away from sticky hot summer day.


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