prompt # 7: Season of the plague

History tells us

human civilization suffered through:

the black plague

the spanish flu

small pox

SARS, MERS to name a few.


Season of a plague


Whence the year 2020

the talk of a pandemic is the talk of the media

in the wake of four years

hearing; fake news.

some people are feeling the blues

while others think it is a stage for the political arena.

Scientists, Health workers, stay above the fray

to share the facts

that a pandemic is here to stay


Season of a plague


As we go back to our fast-paced lives,

can we cheer on

mother nature and all that thrives.


One of the many lessons,

this plague has given us

whether it is stressed or depression,

it allows for mother nature like fungus

to flourish without humans acculminating

to harm the earth.


In this season, time is precious

relying on the smallest details

rather than

megabytes, the newest of the new

technology and material objects that just take up space

and collect dust.


in these moments whatever your occupation is —

can you shift to enjoy these small details?

Perhaps the season of the plague

has given us the blueprints to enjoy life

the simplest pleasures.


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