The actors rise in pairs. An executioner stands with his back to the victim. The audience participates in The Rite of Universal Intercourse.

I am not allowed.

I am not allowed!

I am not allowed?

(to- smoke marijuana, take my clothes off, travel without a passport, stop wars, live without money)

The actors gather. Sitting in the center. Forming a spiral to meditate upon. Listen,

The Rite of Study.

To be free.

To be free!

To be free?

(of- love, food, property, violence, jails, money, revolution, system, lies, prejudice, law, state, classes)

The community develops a relationship to the individual. The individual supports the community. A voyager abandons himself to the trance. Take the trip,

The Rite of The Mysterious Voyage.

Return to dark, to the dark, to emerge fresh, clean, recharged, reinforced, purified…

As the spaceship moves we see our fiery bodies appear before death.


The atoms rush in to the flesh of living as our native tongue torches our poverty.

Blow your life mind!

Blow out to pluto, mars, the eighth kindling. Another galaxy stretching over a large theatre


As the last words are spoken the inner space disperse into outer space…

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