Hyperbole, exaggeration, amplification, or Texas brag,
Aggrandizement and fabrication sometimes hits a snag.
Marveling we have world enough and time, Je t’adore;
Lest love and respect strides right out and slams the door.
As for the claim Lytton’s pen is mightier than the sword,
Political correctness marches in, tossing truth on the floor.
Climate does change, It’s Apocalypse now; the end is near;
Else taxpayers pay through their noses, the choice is clear.
Rid the world of farting cows, politicos are now chastising.
But invest in oil leases, financial managers are still advising.
Conspiracy, collusion, treason–both sides of the aisle exclaim
But each side could look directly in the mirror to fix the blame.
Meanwhile diets and exercise regimes promise eternal youth;
Alas, one look in the mirror reveals a harsher than harsh truth.

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