Penny Lane

she can’t be everywhere at once but that never stopped her from trying.

she travels up, down, all around

hoping to find what she once lost

knowing it can never be the way it once was.

after all she’s been through, it doesn’t seem as

if there could ever be a happy ending for her

but to say so would be underestimating her

sophrosyne and human tenacity for the worldly existence

of tomorrow

One thought on “Penny Lane

  1. Sage, I really love you doing the Beatles theme with your poems! What a great idea to unify around their music and utilize some of their best-known songs for titles! I love so many of their songs, so it was hard to choose one poem, but Penny Lane is one of my faves. 🙂 Your Penny comes through as a real person, someone we know, or even someone we’ve been. I also appreciate you using the word Sophrosyne! Not an easy word to work into a poem, but you did it well. I’m sure she will find her happy ending … tomorrow. Nice job!

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