Writing’s on the wall (spectre)

So many of us are too engulfed in our own bubble of constriction to actually

take the time to read it. As the darkness begins to fade into the abyss,

you’ll see firsthand what makes your mor(t)ality the most valuable weapon

in your arsenal. With nothing left to lose, fear becomes an

abstract notion steeped in mythology. You’ll stop at nothing to win

in a game that’s long since been over. Persist, fight, make it worth

your while. Otherwise, you’ll suffocate on your own ennui

and fade into the background of oblivion. This is why we exist

and this is the reason we’ll never succumb to the

adversity fueled by false perceptions. You are

the master of your future and this is where

you begin to write it. Just make sure

there are no typos.

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