Locked Out (2019 Poem 6)

Is this the eighth or ninth time, who can say
That I have locked my keys inside my house
My thoughts oft go astray
Since the departure of my spouse

He left without a word one night
It was winter time, the roads were icy
The neighbours think I’m not quite right
Do you think that stew’s too spicy?

He had a girlfriend, can you just imagine
Well, never mind, I’m better off
She was a singer, just a has been
Oh my, that is a nasty cough

No, officer, I don’t know where he went
After all this time I don’t much care
This late spring thaw seems heaven sent
Don’t mind the stain upon the stair

4 thoughts on “Locked Out (2019 Poem 6)

  1. Love this! The rhythm of the poem carries us jauntily through what is really a dark tale – and looking at the world through the eyes of this woman is a super idea – an almost quirky tone is established that’s then undercut by the final line of each stanza which screams ‘truth!’ Tight, expressive work – lovely!

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