2019 #11 Dear Maria (at 17 just as you are graduating high school)

Dear Maria-

I know you hate that long white graduation dress

And the white shoes to match

But you’ll never have to wear skirts again if you don’t want to

No more long socks under your uniform

Because you never shaved your legs.


You are a great writer

Even though they censored you

For a short story about a whorehouse

You called it a bordello for goodness sakes!

A grim reminder that this school teaches liberal arts

But is not liberal.


Don’t worry about going to NYU

The only college that accepted you

You love New York and it will love you back

It may fight you along the way

But it will become your home

And you will never want to leave.


Don’t be scared of the big city

It’s why you dragged mom and dad

To Mac’s Smoke Shop in Palo Alto

To buy the Sunday New York Times

Because it showed you the world

You want to be a part of.


If I had it to do again-

Go to the dining hall at dinner time

Not at 4:30 pm to avoid the crowds

Just because you’re alone.

Don’t be so quick to go see your sister at Yale

When that nice guy David was probably going to ask you out

Because that never happened again.

And don’t leave your room in the bitter cold

Without drying your hair

Because it will freeze.

One thought on “2019 #11 Dear Maria (at 17 just as you are graduating high school)

  1. Now, I paused at not shaving your legs because I never shaved mine either. And I thought you never know what you really missed. Then the frozen hair! Unexpected and made me picture a head of frozen hair and wonder If it broke off. And be thankful I always wore a big wool scarf over my wet hair after swim team in Detroit winters.

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