2020 Hour #5: A Road in Argentina

2020 Hour #5:  A Road in Argentina


On an overnight drive

From Mar Del Plata to Buenos Aires

I sat awake, entranced by the night sky;

The ceiling was erupting in massive bursts of light,

Even in my wildest dreams, there weren’t this many stars.

From my seat, pushing my head against the window

And arching my neck to the edge of its capacity,

I became as still as a stone in rapture.

What are the rules of celestial life?

Perhaps there is a hierarchy involved,

In which the best and chosen shine brighter,

A class into which they are born

And thus are entitled.

But then, what of the strivers, the dreamers,

Those lit even more furiously from within

So, like those of us below

Have to try harder to burn longer

To sustain greatness over the obvious blinding arrogance

Whose light is an excuse to take up space.

From my perch so below this spectacle

They seemed to co-exist without conflict;

Or, was I seeing armies gathered on infinite battlefields

Waiting for the signals to charge

Infantries of light in constant formation

Until the daylight calls a truce.

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