2020 Hour 6: Perfect Day

2020 Hour 6: Perfect Day



My wrist watch, high on something sassy and chilling out

Using its hands to knit a sweater for the sky

And giving the atomic clock the finger.



Breathe in, blow out the chilled air

My bare hands ice packs that I hold to my cheeks

To remember that Iā€™m alive.



My feet have mapped out the city

Footprints repeated through the maze of blocks

Treading each like friends who meet, hug, and depart.



Quiet is both my companion and shadow

Broached occasionally by a cacophony of my thoughts

Which walk with me arm in arm.

2 thoughts on “2020 Hour 6: Perfect Day

  1. There are so many beautiful images in this poem and so many of these resonate with me. I fell in love with the first stanza and your watch hands knitting the sky. Beautiful imagery! I am a wild walker so, your stanza about walking…”Active walking/ My feet have mapped out the city…” really resonated with me and touched my soul! Beautiful work!

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