(Hour 07) 04.30-05.30am. PROMPT, uncliche: “angstrom”

This prompt is a little strange. The challenge is to write a poem about the angstrom that is not cliché. Now I don’t know why they’ve selected such an obscure word. I’ve got a bit of a bad feeling about this, but what can you do.


the distance of the wave’s
length is infinitesimally
tiny ; one hundred-millionth
of a centimetre , to be
               precise ;
it makes you wonder
where they get a ruler
that small — or at least
one where you can still
read the numbers/
whaddya mean i’m doing
it on the wrong word
a non-cliche poem
on the angstrom is what
the prompt said (hang on
i’ll just go quickly check)

ohhhh i knew this would
happen — i was so worried
it would — & surprise
(no) surprise it did — but
why does dreadful stuff
always happen to me
— the universe is
always so foreboding.
i just wanted to write
a few goddamnn poems
why does everything
have to be so damn
uneasy all the time
               ps :
if i wanted a relationship
between the emission &
absorption spectrum
of chemical elements
i’d have been too scared
to ask , but that’s still no
reason for giving me one

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