(Hour 16) 13.30pm-14.30pm. PROMPT, Journey, literal or metaphorical

3 word game poems

road trip

We start off at the airport
Angry as a hungry raptor
Still feeling pretty parro
& something of a prat
Aspirin offered with a tap
We murmur out our ta
Followed by one long a

procession of the seasons

In the middle of winter
The cold is on a winder
The dog wants to wander
But I must be his warder
Making him bark harder
I feel like a pooch harmer
Hit dogjoy with a hammer
For now we must just hummer
Cos it will soon be summer

The Boatless Goat

Dad wasn’t really thinking
the day he bought the goat

For he would not cross the river
Despite our best attempts to goad

He would not move for money
He cared even less for gold

We offered sweet hay & grass green
Even with lilies we tried to gild

But still the ornery billy wouldn’t budge
as if his feet were gilt

Bill refused dad’s protestations
refused his every gift

It’s fair to say by this time
tween dad & he was developing a rift

Till finally mum showed up
paddling a homemade raft

Surreal landscape with moon, stars and ladders. Vector illustration eps10

2 thoughts on “(Hour 16) 13.30pm-14.30pm. PROMPT, Journey, literal or metaphorical

  1. Of the three, I delighted in reading “The Boatless Goat” the most. It reminds me of a children’s nursery rhyme or even a song. The parents seem to be guiding stars on this particular journey with the goat causing all kinds of problems along the way. Imagine turning this into an illustrated children’s book. I’d read it!

  2. Yes it is my favourite of the three too. Definitely a kid friendly poem. Perhaps not surprisingly it was the last one I wrote (4th one, the 3rd one didn’t work out very well). I also think the selection of words in the word ladder works well too.

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