(Hour 18) 15.30pm-16.30pm. PROMPT: holiday narrative poem


Rueben reunion

Camp was camp.
As you’d expect.
You know I didn’t want to go
but mum insisted.
Character building, she said.
Make new friends, she said.
Be lots of fun, she said.
1 out 3 isn’t bad I guess.
Surviving an apocalypse
does build character.
Even if there’s gotta be
Eeasier ways

But, new friends, no.
Fun times times, no
Spent the first three days
sitting on the bottom
of the deep end of the pool
practising for the world
Freediving Championships

When the Pulse came.
there were, as you’d expect
at Aquatic Camp, plenty of kids
underwater as well as coaches
so our survival rate was high
But kids soon started getting sick
Those that were standing up
at the time
or on top of the water. Those deep,
Like me. Made it.

After a few days with no news
No parents coming to collect.
The coaches decided we should
All go somewhere safer.
Though they never told me where
Or what that safe place was.
They begged me to come with them.
I refused.
They ordered me to come with them
I. Refused.
They dragged me off with them.
I had no choice.
But I soon escaped & came back here
Cos I knew this is where we’d meet

I was never worried, never doubted
I knew you were going to find me 



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