(Hour 22) 19.30pm-20.30pm. PROMPT: visual image

town of ghosts & oils of snakes

now we have Rueben,
Stella wants to leave yesterday
get to her grandparents
& bunker down till tomorrow never

while i too am keen to disappear
i need to find petrol possibly
a spark plug, battery, new tires
& much more for the cruiser

the capital is the best place
to find what we need fast
despite the drones criss-crossing
the skies between the scrapers

an old man all in black
drags his shadow toward us
starts filling our heads with hope
rumours of things too flawless for truth

pockets of resistance
possibilities of protection
bee propolis & alpaca antibodies
& a safe haven in Tassie

crystal radio set network
across the country
there are more survivors
than we’d imagined

all of which sounds too crazy for words
suddenly i am the one  spruiking flight

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