(Hour 23) 20.30pm-21.30pm. PROMPT: imaginary pet


you noticed there’s no animals either
or very few  i think they were also
taken out by the Pulse
Stella looks out the window
as if seeing for the first time

more than anything i wanted
a big dog white as snow
something ludicrously cute
don’t ask me why
we moved round a lot

so pets weren’t possible
but i had a book of dog breeds|
wanted something big white fluffy
like an American Eskimo dog
Samoyed  Great Pyrenees
something like that
something a bit exotic
for a boy who’s life
was whitebread bland

the best thing about
Milky’s imaginariness
was no dog poo to pick up
no need to brush her
no hair everywhere
no need to take her for walks
just unlimited love & cuddles
whenever my 10 year old self needed it 

it was almost perfect
if it weren’t so sad

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