2021: Hour Eight – is it too much to ask?

shiny, dangerous and sexy — she glides in sophisticated and distant
crashes into the life of an overachieving, people pleaser

an unlikely friendship
results in a requested favor

seems reasonable until the days tick by
abandoned with the responsibility of her new friend’s child in hand

a body found, the mysterious shiny friend is dead
grief brings the father and the perfectionistic vlogger together

a new life unpacked and starting over
then creepy haunted moments
is she crazy or is the mother still alive?

little miss “do it all” turns on her nancy drew skills
discovers the murky history of a troubled past

Turns out twins were part of the plot
reunited attempts at extortion by the lesser known twin
ends in drowning, obscuring the identity and disappearing

Power of the internet and little cameras
the room parent vlogs out a confession 

everyone tries to kill each other
and little ms. perfect lives to vlog another day

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