2021: Hour Nineteen-Evidence-based characteristics of this poet

1- Collector of notebooks and writing implements
Exhibit A: There is a photograph of me on top of a mountain and gripped in my squishy 3-year old hands a pencil & a notepad.

Exhibit B: There are at least 82 writing implements within easy reach of me at this moment & at least 14 notebooks – some filled, some fresh, some partially filled

2- Rodent enthusiast
Exhibit A: I am looking at a hamster in a cage who I have interacted with at least 3 times in the last hour.

Exhibit B: I once made elaborate travel arrangements for a hamster ( life expectancy = 2 years) to move from Denmark to the US with me. No regrets — It was worth the expense and effort.

3- Introvert who needs personal space and long one-on-one conversations
Exhibit A: When many social distancing recommendations were put forth, my response, Finally!

Exhibit B: My long distance phone bills were atrocious when that was a thing. 

Special Notes:
Topics to avoid, if you don’t want to have a long conversation

  • anything about bicycles or transportation systems
  • anything about the environment or nature
  • anything related to self reflection or human nature

If you want to shorten our conversation, just ask me how my novel is coming along.

6 thoughts on “2021: Hour Nineteen-Evidence-based characteristics of this poet

  1. A fun autobiographical poem! I like the organization of the evidence for each statement, as if presenting from an unbiased standpoint, but it’s still clearly very personal and each point is close to your heart. Together, they all fill out a rounded person with many interests and traits, especially in the Special Notes section.

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