2021: Hour Seven – Everything’s Normal

Is it normal for the weather to do this right now? she asks

Are any of us old enough to know what is normal for the climate on this planet?
Is it reasonable to apply my faulty memory of a few decades of weather and decide what is right and true and normal for the weather?

It didn’t used to do this 30 years ago, I answer

It seems like you used to be able to count on certain predictable patterns in a given region.

It seems like things are getting more extreme. If we look at the data,
once we got the power to really dig up, push around, dam up and cut down the world around us, that things started to really heat up around here–
–or cool down when it’s supposed to be hot.

How much more can the planet take?

The Earth? Oh, the planet’s going to be fine.
It’s the beautiful matrix of life that lives here that is at risk.

Most of it has already been driven out of existence.
And we’re surprised that things aren’t really normal anymore?
It would take something catastrophic to wake us up.
Something like a pandemic…
And it almost did…

Is it normal for the weather to be hot like this?
Here it is. But, there it’s not.

Will we learn to stop or just normalize ourselves into extinction?

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