2021: Hour Three – Muse Wanted

Searching for a muse
that shows up and does the work for me
while I stand at the espresso maker

I will make the fluffiest foam
the silkiest steamed milk
fashioned into an attempt at art

Searching for a muse
that is on standby and comes out without
being wooed or courted by good habits

I will show up, sometimes on Tuesdays at 10
sometimes first thing in the morning
sometimes at the end of the night

I can’t predict it — but be there, okay?

Searching for a muse
that isn’t afraid of negative chatter
or the noisy chaos of too much scrolling

I will sit down to write with serious conviction
open a document and then glide onto
a browser or app … lost in the space of the creativity of the rest of humanity

In these external places
playing hide and seek with my creativity

I sip my art-topped latte and embrace
my ability to create
in the gaps
between fear
& avoidance

Searching for my self and acceptance

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