2021: Hour Twenty-Three – VOILA FROMAGE

Making cheese sounds more like a science experiment
that might end in a medicine or a vaccine.

The steps sound like things you do to milk
to keep anyone from drinking it.

Acidify or sour it
curdle it,
cut the curd,
drain the whey,
age it,
none sound appetizing.

Basically these steps amount to introducing some milk
to specific bacteria,
manipulating the amount of solid and liquid and then, depending on the type of cheese,
letting it sit around for an amount of time I find disconcerting.

This all sounds like a path to illness or a method to poison your enemies
not a way to make a delicious, addictive food.
One that is widely beloved for slicing, shredding or melting onto or into almost anything.

In summary,
5000 years ago,
someone let milk go bad, took a chance on tasting it,
didn’t die or get terribly sick
and liked it enough to want to do it again.

Voila, a culinary favorite was born.

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