2021: Hour Twenty-Two – Rise & Shine

A brisk walk through the park
as the day starts for the animals

crows squawking
mocking birds scolding
smaller birds flitting about
squirrels pouncing on fence posts & tree trunks

Trash cans over flowing from Saturday’s picnics and barbecues
Bare minimum of effort to dispose of trash & recycling
grocery bags, paper plates, 
ziplock bags litter the trail

Could it have been neatly inside each container, and it was the animals
who plucked out the bits of food and food stained wrappers, in the low light of pre-dawn?
Or were people so careless?

The squirrels and crows fight over the bounty of wasted food
Can’t fault the animals, their instincts are strong, they need their calories

Perhaps another system of disposal would keep this clean up crew
from learning to survive off take out and packaged foods

Whether or not the picnickers know it, they’ve left a feast for the fancy-tailed rodents and corvids

loud and active, they’ll finish this round before the new day’s visitors leaves their deposit

the light gains traction, no longer under cover of darkness
the day begins with a cacophony of bird song

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