Hour 15 – flying to a foreign land

Flying to a foreign land for the first time
is always a rush

No matter the number of times I’ve flown
the moment the plane reaches the front of the line
for the take-off runway and brings the engines to
the crescendo of power – I remember what we are about to do
the speeding wheels on the ground make my stomach turn
and then lift off

Once in the air, I immediately feel calm
I watch eagerly out the window
as the world recedes and transforms into
a miniature play thing
I remember, I like this — being in the air

The clouds form a fluffy boundary between us
and the world below

Away from it all- gliding and floating
feels natural
suspended in an alternate and isolated reality
with food and beverage service

An announcement interrupts- arrival is imminent
The reminder I am going somewhere new
I’ve never been
I have to speak a new language, learn a new culture
be wrong and confused a lot and a little helpless

The plane lands and the seal is broken
Walking the ramp to the airport
plucked out of the sky and dropped into a new land

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