Hour 17- Leave A Message at the Beep

It was raining
and I missed you

It was late
but that wasn’t unusual
late-night meetings were our thing

I stopped at the payphone
that sat on the far side of the parking lot
of the liquor store down the street

no answer
I left a message on your answering machine
drove to your house
knocked on your door
no answer

your car sat in the driveway
and another on the street directly in front
of your house — I knew that car

I could feel my heartbeat fill my ears
disbelief at my discovery

I stormed off
pausing to leave the crunch barĀ I bought you
on the windshield of your car

I drove back to the same payphone
Used my calling card to check the messages
on my answering machine
just in case you left me a message

I called you and left another message
I left another
I left too many

Just one more

and then it was you who picked up
righteous anger masking guilt
her voice faint in the background

If you had just picked up the phone
the first time
I wouldn’t have left
a message after the beep



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