Hour 21 – An ordinary peace

I long for a deep sleep
not the fairy tale kind that involves a curse or a kiss
just an ordinary bed with just the right amount of covers
allowing me to sleep in comfort without a reason to toss and turn

I long for sweet dreams
not the kind that are so involved that I feel like
I have been up all night living a double life
just an ordinary dream that feels cozy and maybe even forgettable

I long for peaceful days
not the kind that involves having to navigate crowded trails and sidewalks
with people who hang out in big groups and don’t wear masks
just an ordinary day where picking up a few vegetables at the farmer’s market
and some bread at the bakery isn’t a strategic maneuver  

I long for a calmness in the world
not the kind that involves denying the hard truths of our society
but rather a calmness from addressing the tragic structures and failures
and choosing right-action to set a new course

I long for a rest for those who have fought so hard
to ensure the rights of themselves and others

They deserve to rest and be at ease

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