Hour 23- Barry the Banana Slug

Barry the banana slug
was an unlikely pet

But he’s more fun than
you’d expect

He follows me along in the garden
we like to go to eat salads together

He enjoys long walks in the forest
and doesn’t mind a rainy day

He’s great at helping to clean up
around the yard by eating dead and decomposing
plant and animal matter

The only thing he’s not great at is warm hugs
which is okay because if that’s what I wanted
I would have chosen a pet different than a slug

He has something that you could never get from a fluffy dog
If I ever need to go numb then Barry is ready with his anesthetic slime

One thought on “Hour 23- Barry the Banana Slug

  1. Great imagination. Slug is what I would not pick, but you make him interesting. Well done.

    Could you look at mine too? Thanks in advance.

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