Hour 24 – Package on the Doormat

There was a knock on the door
I answered and no one was there

Only a small package sat on the doormat
it was wrapped in brown paper and tied with a string

There was a simple tag with red lettering
with the words printed on it in fine calligraphy
“A gift for you”

Paranoia set in
I looked left and right down the street
for signs of movement or a clue as to
who might have left it

nothing, not a movement
not even a squirrel or a bird
not a car or a dog walker
the street quieter than it ever had been

I carefully lifted the package
reasoning that I was an unlikely recipient
for a bomb or a trap

I brought the package in
placed it on the table and inspected it

I pulled the end of the string where a small bow was tied
the package was easily freed of the string

I eased off the paper wrapping
and took the lid off the box
to reveal folded tissue paper

I pushed past the paper
and inside was a small heart-shaped locket

I lifted it up and opened the locket
to reveal the words
“you are loved”


3 thoughts on “Hour 24 – Package on the Doormat

  1. This has so many possibility! It can be a reminder to not be so wary and remember that you are loved and someone is thinking of you. A twisted angle is someone is stalking and reminding you that you are being watched. (Sorry, my mind always goes down dark lanes!)
    I enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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