Hour 6 – Ideal Morning

Dim light and quiet morning
the cool hardness of wood under tired feet

the hollow sound of water rushing into the chrome carafe
a chaotic burst of grinding release the warm and bitter scent
the rolling thunder of water boiling
steam rises from the water poured into glass
resistance as the pressure of the plunger handle indents my palm
a new shade of liquid poured into ceramic mug lift to my lips
sweet, caramel scents and warm bitterness on my tongue

the clock clatters a rhythmic reminder
breath quickens and arms feel heavy with gathered gear
doors creak and metal slams

beeps and robotic voices give guidance and the music gets louder
as the speed and sound of tires on pavement and metal and glass
moving against the air obscure the moody melodies

slow crackling of gravel under tires
the movement stops
music silenced
crickets chirp and a screen door slams shut
cool air meets my face with the salty scent of sea

muscular effort and the snapping of silicone against my head
alerting pain receptors of the pulling at stray hairs
goggles pressed firmly into the skin of my face

a blanket of low grey clouds
gentle light sifting through the clouds and reflecting on the smooth water

cool wetness laps at my toes
then my ankles
feet sink into a smooth and gritty softness
push off and body floats and glides into the water
heart beats faster as I deepen my breath, hold it and submerge
grey and brown blurry view and sound has gone mute
back to the surface with a splash

a friendly face and hand motion of encouragement
set my sights on a blue bottomed boat above the wooden dock

hands pull through the cool water and fluid heaviness
shoulders and back feel taut with effort
propelling through the water
bubbles surround my face
as my lungs empty until
they ache forĀ a quick sip of air
rhythm is found
and the cycle is played
on repeat


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