One Thousand and One

There were at least one thousand and one reasons to go back. 

I only needed the one. Simple love lived there. 

It had been years since I paid her a visit, yet she welcomed me like it was yesterday. 

Simple love is easy that way. 

As I drove through the sunlight hills untouch grass swayed in the wind. Waving at me. 

The little boy that I once was ran across that field, farther away from home than he should be. But it was okay here.

Two childhood friends ran close behind and they all laughed so loud and pure that it flooded my ears. 

They faded as I drove ahead. I smiled as they faded into my heart. 

Big momma’s voice pulled me inside. 

Papa was already there. 

More food than my sisters and I would see on a table in the north state where we lived filled the table. It was all good. 

Papa talked about his fields and beasts. His favorite tried to escape again to run and play. Again. 

He was so proud that daddy would be back from serving his country soon. Our chatter made momma wake up. 

The dinner scene faded into my heart. Tears of love filled my eyes.

Taller than allowed grass blades filled my eyes and the softened face of a strong man peered through the window. 

The same voice, big momma’s song, called out my name. Her face showed that she had been happily blessed with many seasons.

Her round arms opened and welcomed me in. 

It had been too many years. I always employ modern technology to bring these great people to me. 

But this time. No. Nah. I needed to meet them here. One more time. 

So I’d never forget Simple Love. 

jj2019 2019 Poetry Marathon

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